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What's the difference between an Architect & an Architectural Designer (AKA Draughtsman)?

Tony and Dan are Architectural Designers and not Architects. What's the difference?

Traditionally Draughtsmen were the behind the scenes work horses helping develop the architects ideas. These days the roles have blurred somewhat with Draughtsmen setting up businesses of their own, hence the birth of the Architectural Designer.

Architectural Designers are able to do everything an Architect can. Architectural Designers can produce Consent Drawings, submit plans to council for consent and create imaginative, practical and attractive designs.

So who should I choose for my project? If you're building a sports stadium, office block, or a very special one in a million residential house an architect should be considered; otherwise a good Architectural Designer is more than capable, and usually more affordable than an Architect.
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3D house download our new home checklist What's the difference between an architect and an architectural designer
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